Salty & Free

We promote a lifestyle of positivity, awareness and authenticity, and we aspire to inspire everyone to be their best self.

Swiss artist Christina Nu debuted her minimalist and contemporary designs for Salty & Free in 2020, in the creative junction between Ibiza and Switzerland. The exquisite jewelry quickly gained popularity, expanding from beach clubs in Ibiza to Switzerland and beyond. Salty & Free Jewelry is a rapidly growing brand with a dedicated team.


Our designs are created with huge enthusiasm and care; each piece is made with joy and attention to detail. We offer unique and inspiring designer jewelry pieces to wear as a daily reminder to be your best self and live your life to the fullest.

From every piece sold a part goes to an amazing environmental project. Please check here for more information. Whenever possible, we avoid plastic and choose environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.


Christina Nu

«With my work I want to raise individual awareness and inspire new ways of thinking. We have this one life, let’s be passionate and get the best out of it!»

- Christina Nu