We are Salty & Free

We are Salty & Free, a jewelry brand passionately dedicated to celebrating personal growth and triumphs - with you!
Our mission is to offer meaningful and uplifting jewelry for those who seek to cherish and embrace life's journeys, capture their milestones, remember the uplifting moments, and celebrate their victories.

Salty& Free is more than Jewelry, it is a Story. Your Story.

Swiss artist Christina Nu debuted her minimalist and contemporary designs for Salty & Free in 2020, at the creative crossroads between Ibiza and Switzerland. These exquisite jewelry pieces quickly captured hearts, transitioning from beach clubs in Ibiza to Switzerland and beyond. Salty & Free Jewelry is on a remarkable journey, experiencing rapid growth with a dedicated team.

From every piece sold a part goes to an amazing environmental project. Please check here for more information. Whenever possible, we avoid plastic and choose environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.


Christina Nu

«Whether through my art or with my jewelry, my goal is to inspire a genuine connection with ourselves, creating a space where authenticity can flourish and personal growth can thrive. We have this one life, let’s be passionate and get the best out of it!»

- Christina Nu