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Our metal jewelry is built around a core of medical-grade stainless steel, with various platings depending on the color. For gold and rosé gold, we use a premium 18k gold plating.

All our jewelry pieces that feature stones are exclusively adorned with precious gemstones.

Gemstones are precious natural minerals treasured for their beauty and distinctive characteristics.

They come in various colors and have unique properties, making them valuable in both appearance and meaning.

Gemstones have fascinated people for ages, connecting the wonders of nature with our spirits.

Formed deep beneath the Earth's surface through geological processes, each gemstone tells a unique story.

At Salty & Free, we responsibly source our gemstones from a Swiss supplier dedicated to fair trade and sustainability.

By following our care instructions, you will enjoy your Salty & Free jewelry for a long time.

Please keep the following tips in mind:

1. Avoid contact with chemicals such as cleaners, bleach, sunscreen, perfume, etc.

2. Remove your jewelry before showering or engaging in sports.

3. Avoid wearing jewelry in saltwater or chlorinated pools.

4. Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or mild soap and lukewarm water, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using polishing cloths, as they could damage the coating.

5. Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or soft cloth.

We want you to have complete peace of mind with your Salty & Free Jewelry purchase. You enjoy a 12-month guarantee on your jewelry, provided that you've followed our care instructions to ensure its long-lasting beauty.

For our elastic bead bracelets, we offer a maintenance service. If the elastic band wears out, we'll restring your beads onto a new elastic for you.

We've got you covered!

Here you'll discover an easy-to-follow guide to find your perfect size for Mantra Cuffs.

We've got you covered!

Here you'll discover an easy-to-follow guide to find your perfect size for elastic Salty & Free bracelets.

You can find our beautiful jewelry at our wonderful partners' shops. For details, please write us, and we'll point you in the right direction.

We are based in Switzerland. Our brand was born at the vibrant crossroads of Ibiza and Switzerland, allowing us to seamlessly merge Swiss quality with the unique island spirit.

Our name, 'Salty & Free,' encapsulates our longing to embrace the essence of freedom. Just like the sensation of the salty sea breeze on your skin during a serene day at the beach – a moment of complete relaxation, allowing for space to be your most authentic self and live life to the max!

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