Salty & Free Teams Up with Wakesurf Champion Jeff Degiacomi

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Jeff Degiacomi, four-time Swiss wakesurf titleholder and 2023 European wakesurf champion!

At Salty & Free, we believe in living your life with passion, dedication and enthusiasm, which perfectly aligns with Jeff's journey to the top.

Meet The Champion

Jeff Degiacomi has been wake surfing for 11 years, starting his competitive journey at the age of 10. Over the years, he has won several Swiss championship titles and secured first place at the European Championship in 2023.

"For me, sport means pleasure and passion, and to be able to do what I love is incredibly fulfilling and I am thankful every day!"

Sharing the Stoke

Recently, Jeff opened his wakesurf club Aloha Wake in Estavayer-le-Lac. "I wanted to share my passion with everyone. It's amazing to see people discover and enjoy wake surfing."

Jeff and Salty & Free: A Perfect Synergy

"I am very happy to represent Salty & Free because its jewelry reflects my personality and passion for my favorite sport - water, surfing, lifestyle, and enthusiasm. Salty & Free Jewelry has the perfect piece for every moment in life."

"I don't want to miss the energy my Salty & Free bracelets give me every day. They support and uplift me, making me feel ready for any challenge."

Jeff Degiacomi

Find Salty & Free Jewelry at Aloha Wake

Salty & Free Jewelry is available at Aloha Wake. Book your wakesurf experience and visit Jeff at

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