Quality. Variety. Longevity.


We value carefully selected materials. The core of our metal jewelry is made from 316L stainless steel, an excellent material known for its corrosion and scratch resistance, often used in high-quality watch cases and surgical instruments. Our jewelry comes in various finishes, allowing you to choose what suits you best:

  • 18K gold-plated or rose gold-plated for classic elegance
  • black or anthracite ion-plated for sophistication
  • plain or polished for those who value simplicity.


Gemstones form deep beneath the Earth's surface through geological processes, a result of crystallization, metamorphism, or volcanism. Each gemstone is a unique natural wonder with its own story. We source our gemstones from a Swiss dealer committed to fair trade and sustainability.

Care Instructions

By following our care instructions, you will enjoy your Salty & Free jewelry for a long time. Depending on usage, metals like gold, silver, and stainless steel may naturally wear with time, adding a unique patina that tells a personal story - your story!

Please keep the following tips in mind:

• Avoid contact with chemicals such as cleaners, bleach, sunscreen, perfume, etc.
• Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or soft cloth.
• Remove your jewelry before showering or engaging in sports.
• Avoid wearing jewelry in saltwater or chlorinated pools.
• Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or mild soap and lukewarm water, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using polishing cloths, as they could damage the coating.