The Scandinavian-Inspired Concept Store

Located in Wiesendangen, Zürich, Nordvind is a concept store that brings the essence of Scandinavian design to Switzerland.

"Our goal is to inspire you with new trends and provide an unforgettable shopping experience where you feel comfortable and well cared for," Patrizia tells us.

Inspired by the clean, minimalist, and functional aesthetics of the Nordic region, Nordvind offers a carefully curated selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home decor. Each item is chosen with great attention to detail and care.

A shared Enthusiasm

Norvind has been founded in 2020 by Patrizia and Katrin, who share a passion for beautiful things. They value personal contact and provide individual, trustworthy advice.

"With a lifelong love for detail, decoration, fashion, and accessories, we combine our experience and commitment to select beautiful and special items to enhance our customers' lives," they say.

Insights from Behind the Scenes

During one of our visits to Nordvind, we had the pleasure of learning more about why they chose to partner with us and the unique qualities they see in our jewelry.

Emphasis on Quality and Sustainability

Nordvind places great emphasis on quality and sustainability. "Salty & Free convinced us in this regard. Also, their unique pieces stand out with their personality, differentiating them from others. The jewelry radiates joy, style, and uniqueness - qualities we strive to convey at Nordvind," Katrin says.

The Benefits of Partnering with Salty & Free

Nordvind highly values the uncomplicated, warm, and professional collaboration with Salty & Free. "Short delivery times and reliable quality are significant benefits," Katrin explains.

Patrizia adds: "In case of any warranty issues, the process is smooth and efficient, and we love that about your brand."

Customer Favorites: Mantra Cuffs

The Mantra Cuffs are a favorite among Nordvind's customers. "They are personal, make beautiful gifts for loved ones, and can be easily combined with other jewelry," Katrin shares.

Enduring Beauty and Quality

Nordvind values the lasting beauty and quality of Salty & Free Jewelry.

"We wear our Salty & Free Jewelry every day, and it retains its shine, color, and shape. We appreciate the materials and the quality. Even with daily wear, the jewelry stays beautiful," they both say.

Where to find Nordvind

Visit Nordvind in Wiesendangen, Zürich for inspiration or explore their online shop for all of their products.

Nordvind GmbH
Dorfstrasse 72
8542 Wiesendangen, Switzerland