Size Guide


Salty & Free Mantra Cuffs are available in three different widths:

3 mm
5 mm
7 mm


Our Mantra Cuffs are available in three different lengths. A specific marking on the inside of the cuff helps determine the length:


Choose Your Length

Here's how you determine the length of your Mantra Cuff: Measure your wrist with a flexible measuring tape, where you will be wearing the cuff.

Choose the length of your Mantra Cuff according to the following table:

Wrist Circumference
< 16 cm
16 - 19.5 cm
> 19.5 cm
Suitable Cuff Length
Engraving Cuff inside

Our Mantra Cuffs are individually adjustable due to their flexibility. The Regular length fits most wrist sizes.


Put on your Mantra Cuff over the narrow side of your wrist and then fit the cuff to your wrist by pressing evenly. Make sure that the Mantra Cuff is not too round, but fits the shape of your wrist well (more oval). Well-fitted mantra cuffs turn less easily, so the mantra stays nicely on top and is easily readable for you. Inspiration all day long!